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    Reinchez Ng
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    Hi everyone!

    Im a film composer situated in LA. Im unsure of which PRO to join, BMI or ASCAP? What are the pros and cons of both?

    Also Im international if that affects anything.


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    Evan Evans
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    When you say you are international, what country(s) of Citizenship do you hold? Do you know if there is a very good PRO in your country which has good relations with the major Film/TV markets of the world?

    There is the possibility of joining different PROs to collect for different regions of the world. Or you can belong to one, and they will do that for you using their reciprocal agreements with other countries’ PROs to obtain the royalties due you.


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    Reinchez Ng
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    I have a Malaysian citizenship. I know there are a few PROs in my country but I don’t know much about them currently. Will find out more.

    Which is better, to join different PROs from around the world or to join one in the US and let them do the reciprocal agreement with the PRO in my country? How does both of them work, specifically?


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    Bryan Holt
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    Hi Evan/All!

    Refreshing this conversation, as recommended Evan – looking forward to your feedback and perspective, when convenient, on your recommendation of BMI as the better choice over ASCAP.

    Many thanks,


    Bryan Holt

    Composer for Film, Games and Media.

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