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    Filippo Landi
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    Good evening! Sometimes I find difficult to keep an eye on the harmony of the piece when composing directly on the DAW. This thing doesn’t happen when I compose on sibelius or with pencil and paper. The bad result is that I often use simple harmonies and don’t explore much “wider horizons”. Someone has the same problem? Some procedures you want to share?
    Thank you!

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    Evan Evans
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    Absolutely a part of the difference between “pencil and paper” and digital scoring. We Composers are still waiting for the killer app, that can get us from our idea which is easy to sketch out on paper with pencil, and to a MIDI mockup synthestrated version. But I’m afraid that killer app continues to elude us. Many have tried, and it’s not that they failed, it’s just that it becomes a solution that is geometrically times harder than just using pencil and paper and the end result is usually less production quality than if it had been done straight in MIDI from the get go. Of course the Composition is what suffers, and to be honest, the Composition is your most important lethal weapon.

    So, how I have solved this in the past, whenever a film has a budget for me that is too low for Full Orchestra and Crew, but enough to hire a small team to create the score in MIDI, usually between $12,000 and $35,000, I compose in pencil and paper and I hand it off to a MIDI mockup professional and then while he’s mocking up the cue, I can keep composing. Man, the workflow is great like that. The speed in which you can write, and the quality of the composition, soars. Then later in the day or the next day, I do a quick 10 minute sit down to review how it sounds, and I markup the score with notes on where to fix the MIDI. So I am marking up MIDI fixes, but notating them in the Score. Pretty ironic. Then the Mockup Professional does a revision, while I am Composing another cue via pencil and paper, and when I’m ready I review the revision, etc, rinse and repeat.

    Coming soon is DORICO, the ex-Sibelius brain team that partnered up with Steinberg (Cubase, Nuendo) to create the next-gen Notation based MIDI DAW. Everyone has high hopes, but in all honesty it will probably take a decade to mature into something powerful. Initially, it will be novelty and grow from there.

    Outside of all that, I recommend you follow the techniques I set forth in CREATING MAIN THEMES AND MOTIFS. It is the answer to your prayers in this department, and will empower you to create more “mindful” MIDI composed scores.

    Creating Main Themes and Motifs

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