Setting up my new iMac & External HDs with LPX?

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    Hope this is okay to post here.  I know many of you composers are extremely experienced with computer set up, DAWs, library plug-ins and external hard drives, so I’d love your expertise advice on the best setup for me.  First, my techie level is intermediate level. As in I’ve composed on Garageband til I got Logic Pro X this year. I basically know only how to record my tracks via my MIDI Yamaha weighted action piano keyboard (88-keys, I’m a pianist, vocalist), and add LPX tracks from LPX library.  I can make some edits with velocity, volume, cut/split/join/copy/paste, etc. The basics.  Now you know what a NEWBIE I am with technology.

    I got an iMac 21″, i7, 16GB (upgradable to 32GB) this week!  I have a Seagate 3TB ext USB port HD.  I used that to backup til now. I’ve selected only what I wanna keep and deleted the rest. I want to use the Seagate HD to save my LPX compositions/files.  Problem is that I’ve somehow partitioned it into two spaces; 2TB and 1TB.  So first Q is: Can I re-join the partitioned areas to make a 3TB HD for all my music files (LPX)?  If not, 2nd Q is: Can I use the 2TB section to save all music compositions (LPX) and the 1TB to eventually run a sample library (which I don’t have a clue how to do yet)?

    For backup, I have purchased 2 separate thunderbolt 1TB HDs. I intend to use one for backup of iMac. The other for running a sample library if can’t be done on the 1TB Seagate, or if I make the Seagate a 3TB for audio files only.

    I don’t know if this makes sense, so please advise me however you think best. I’m looking for eventually learning how to run at least one sample library with LPX. But I want to set up ext HDs to be ready for that when I purchase one.

    And.. on that note (heh), any recommendations for BEST sounding orchestral instruments and piano sounds?

    One last Q, where is the best FREE tuturial source for learning about how to use LPX AND setting up sample libraries?

    Okay, I think I’ve definitely filled my quota of questions. Thanks for any feedback!  Thanks Evan, for this fabulous online learning experience!

    –Jenny Leigh


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    Hi Jenny!


    So, you could “re-join” the partitions in your har drive, if you want to. You have to open the to Disk Utiliy application in your iMac, select the drive you want to modify, and go to the “partitions” tab that will appear. There you can make changes to the partitions. Be careful, before doing any modification I would advise you to do a backup of that Hard Drive, because I think that modifying the partitions may erase everything you have, so make sure you have a copy of that info.


    2nd Q, yah, you could use your hard drive that way too.


    I found this list of the “Best” orchestral libraries. These may or may not be the “Best”, but it’s a good start. Check it out

    On youtube you can find lots of tutorials so go a do a search there. This might be an interesting one, but definitely take some time to search on youtube because there are many interesting videos, and for different “levels” of expertise.


    – Manuel

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    Thanks, Manuel!  I fortunately already got the 3TB re-joined and saved my Logic Pro X stuff on it.  Already saved back up on a separate 1TB HD.  Now I need to learn what sample library to get and how to run it from the 3rd 1TB HD.   Thank you for your list and youtube link!!  That will be helpful!  Much appreciated!

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