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Woodwind Library??

Posted on 2017-01-01

I am planning on buying a new woodwind library in the next month or so. I am looking at-

Berlin Woodwinds €460
Sample Modeling $556
8Dio $778
Spitfire Audio $434
Chris Hein $399

I currently have EWQL Hollywood Woodwinds, which are pretty good, but I would like something with a little more pizzazz. I like the Berlin Woodwinds. Does anyone use any of these or have other recommendations? Thanks for your time!


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    Just bought Kurt Hunter Spotlight Solo Strings to go with the Concert Strings bundle. I also picked up Alchemist and Cinesamples Drum of War 1 & 2 and Auddict Drums of the Deep. New things to play with.

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    I ended up buying Orchestral Tooks, Berlin Woodwinds. Downloading now,

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    I have narrowed it down to Chris Heins or Berlin Woodwinds. I can buy Chris Heins Woodwinds now or save up for another month and get the Berlin Woodwinds.

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      This library is very cool. Greats sounds and performances. Lots of coverage with Instruments.

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    I was not impressed by Spitfire at NAMM this year, and was absolutely jaw-droppingly floored by Orchestral Tools quality. Big thumbs up for Orchestral Tools.

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    Leon, check out Chris Hein. It uses a lot of GBs of RAM, but once you’ve loaded the instrument, it can do absolutely everything a real instrument can, down to the clicks of the instrument’s keys. I also of course use VSL. Woodwinds happen to be something they still lead the pack in. Absolute no go on the Sample Modeling woodwinds, they are awful.

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      Hey Leon,
      I can tell you the spitfire cor anglais, bassoon and contra are very nice. I love my vsl special edition winds so I’d presume the more costly libraries they offer are fantastic. Having used 8dios other instruments, I personally wouldn’t go with their winds, as I don’t much like how their user interface works.

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