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How To Get Film Scoring Jobs

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A Proven Method For Consistently Getting Film Scoring Gigs. Learn how to get more work than you ever thought possible. Where is all the work at around the World? Learn a powerful organizing system to turn finding work into a science. Is there a best time to contact people? How long does it take to get any given Gig? What could networking and building relationships get you? What should you say to people when you contact them? Learn how to instantly heat up a lead, forming an instant bond. Find out where the real money is and how to focus on just those opportunities.

  • How Is This A Proven Method?
  • Production Timelines (Film, TV, Games)
  • Building Relationships & Networking
  • The “Grass Roots” Method
  • Lead Sources Method
  • Who To Talk To
  • What To Say
  • The Best Lead Sources*
  • International and Local Area Based Leads
  • How To Make Phone Calls
  • Emails
  • Building Instant Rapport
  • Lead Management
  • The Importance of Clout
  • What Is The “Long Game”?

Lead Sources Hot List PDF
Includes Exclusive Special Offer (*additional cost) for Course Registrants only:
Film Scoring Gigs

This is a self-directed course.
Types of media in this course
Headphones and CDs

It is recommended, though not required, that you take the optional prerequisite course DEMO REELS in order to better understand how to best showcase yourself for Gigs that you will learn how to procure in this Course.

1-year Access to the Premium Mentorship Course Discussion Group, where you will be able to discuss the subjects in this course, ask questions, be Mentored on the course, listen and interact with other enrolled course members and alumni, collaborate on relevant projects and assignments, and search the entire forum archive history for “How To Get Film Scoring Gigs”.
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About Evan Evans

Film Composer of over 60 Feature Films, Specialist on the Art & Craft of Film Music, Founder of The Composer Collective a media scoring firm with over 3000 global composers, Creator of CuePop™ the world's first fully automated online Music Library, and son of legendary Jazz Pianist Bill Evans.

Evans studied with Jerry Goldsmith, Joey Rand (Music Editor, "Titanic"), Steven Scott Smalley (Orchestrator, "Batman","Conan The Barbarian"), Marco Beltrami, Don Ray, Clare Fischer, Elmer Bernstein, and Lalo Schifrin.

He has worked for and trained under iconic Film Composers Danny Elfman, Jeff Rona, David Newman, Jerry Goldsmith, Lalo Schifrin, and Basil Poledouris.

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