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    I was recently diagnosed with a blood clot in my left leg. At 40 years old. There’s no history of blood clots in my family. Turns out I got it because I was doing a 6 hour online Webinar from my studio, sitting in my chair, and my chair is such that the front lip of the chair supports and presses against the backside of my upper legs. Doctors say that’s fine for 15-30 minutes, but to spend any extended hours with anything pushing into the blood vessels in the back of the legs, is a recipe for disaster. If a blood clot that formed, breaks off in your blood vessels, it travels very quickly up to and gets lodged in, your heart causing heart attack, your lungs causing pulmonary embolism, or your brain causing an aneurism. In nearly all scenarios, you’re dead, within minutes. Once they discovered my blood clot via ultrasound, the technicians and doctors started acting with frightening urgency. Thankfully, my clot was low enough in my lower leg that I was safe to use medication to un-coagulate it.

    Blood clots kill more 300,000 people per year, more than AIDS and Breast Cancer combined. And here’s the scary statistic: 600,000 people are diagnosed with them. So 50% of those who get a blood clot, end up dead … and quick. This is very serious. And especially so, for us Composers who spend long deep concentration time in our chairs which are pressing against the backs of our legs. For this reason, there are some recommendations you should take very seriously in the selection of your studio chair.

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    It is recommended that you get a chair with a short cushion which only supports your bottom and not your legs. Your legs do not need support. You basically want your legs “floating” off the chair, and to set your feet in a position which is somewhat elevated. At the very least make sure to set your seat height such that your legs are not dangling and have the backs of them pressed against the edge lip of your chair.

    Ideally, you should get a chair that has what’s called a “waterfall” front lip design. That is, that the front rolls off in such a way that it doesn’t have an edge lip that would ever press against the backside of your upper leg, at any angle.


    It is recommend to move your legs often. Though annoying to others, it is recommended to keep your legs “fidgety” and animated.

    It is also recommended to get up every 15 minutes. This is a great time for us Composers to stretch. Heck we can even incorporate a workout routine into this by having some dumbbells nearby, or even doing some more serious workouts every hour or at key points in the workday.

    One thing is for sure, you definitely want to be aware of this health issue, because it’s very real and there is not very much difference between me and you and everyone else on the planet, inside. We all have the same blood vessels, heart, blood pressure, coagulation system, and you can get a life threatening blood clot at any time, at any age, unless you take care of yourself.


    $850 – $1245
    The “Nirvana” of all ergonomic office seating, the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller. “Waterfall” front lip to prevent health risks. Available in 3 different seat sizes and different frames, all affecting the price. Click through the link to check out the different options and prices.

    Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

    $299 – $855
    Waterfall seat design eliminates leg fatigue and health risks from long sitting sessions. Adjustable tilt tension, seat height and armrests. Synchronous tilt mechanism with tilt lock allow for movement or stability as needed.

    Ergonomic Chair by VIVA

    $159 – $169
    The budget option. Includes the waterfall seat front lip design to prevent and reduce health risks from sitting for extended periods of time.

    Task Chair by HomCom

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