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    Established composer looking for an intern with the following skills and qualifications:

    1. Orchestration
    2. MIDI mockups
    3. Basic administrative skills
    4. Knowledge of Logic, Cubase and ProTools

    This is an unpaid job with potential to hire full-time after 2 months. You will be given credits and good references. Work from home for the first 3 weeks. Please be driven, committed, honest and proactive. Send a cover letter, your reel and any other links. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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    Germán Tello
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    Hello! I’m really interested in this opportunity. I live in Argentina, but I was planning moving to LA as soon as posible.

    I am a music media composer for films and videogames and I’m very interested. I’ve been working in media and production for 6 years. I have my own recording studio since 15 years old.
    I immersed in the world of music at the age of five, and since then, I have been studying with particular tutors. Furthermore, I am currently pursuing a degree in music composition at the University of Rosario and studying harmony and orchestration with excellent professionals as my tutors.

    I could perform compositions of any genre on request and I am willing to adapt to the consumer’s requirements. In my website you will be able to hear and watch my recent works. I’ve worked composing, producing and recording ORCHESTRAL , JAZZ, POP, ROCK, ELECTRONIC, TANGO,  FILMSCORING AND VIDEOGAMES 8bits music.

    I have composed for:

    -24 Videogames

    -16 shortfilms

    -9 advertise for TV and Internet

    -1 movie( actually pre-production)


    Here you have some links to watch my works:


    WEBPAGE:  (Portfolio, Music, etc)




    And some entire works:

    1) (pass: ”monoschi”) (animated short from Chile)

    2) (animated short for Film scoring competition)

    3) (animated short from Argentina)

    4) (the second option fiction drama)

    5) (comedy drama)


    I was looking for an oportunity to work abroad for a long time. I really appreciate your time. I will not disappoint you at all! Hope you like the reel , and if you have any doubt about my work or you want me to make a demo with any particular style, only ask me.

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      Gavin Brivik
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      Hello I am also interested in this opportunity. I am a graduate of the NYU Film Scoring Program with experience in assisting another established film composer, T. Griffin. I have experience doing professional MIDI orchestrating/mock-ups. Copyist work for recording dates. I am also experienced in Logic Pro X and Protools.

      I have a lot of administrative experience when I was intern at Elias, the music production house. I filed invoices, emailed clients, took notes in meeting and wrote down spotting notes.

      Awards: ASCAP’s Composer Spotlight “Film Composers to Watch,” Participant in the ASCAP/Columbia Workshop, Winner of the NYU Promo Music Contest with an orchestral piece recorded in Prague.

      My email is below. and my website is

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    Bryan A. J. Segers
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    This opportunity would be perfect !

    What I’d love about this opportunity is the fact that I could learn at first hand how this buisnes works. What it takes to be a great film composer. I’ve done a lot of music writing ,but someone told me ” You can’t expect to become a great filmcomposer if you just write music .” I’d like to learn what it really takes. Working together, adding things of my expertise to something bigger for the greater good of a project. That would be of great value for me.

    I’m relatively new to this field of work regarding the media. However I’ve got a very long history of classical training. Conservatory of Amsterdam where I studied piano and composition , Had private lessons with Master/Concert pianists, Have had the opportunity to arrange an opera for saxophone quartet etc etc. Now study Media Music for games and films. I’ve always had a different path before me since I’ve been diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome. So I know that learning first hand of an veteran and actually work in the field would be the best way for me to learn things about this buisnes the quickest. I’m Motivated and willing to learn. Music is not just a Job for me. It’s the Only thing that drives me.

    I’ve got experience with Sibelius , Logic pro X, protools, FMOD , Unity

    In the following link you’ll find my resume and a map named showreel.  You’ll Find old and new works in there. Including an score sample in the map ( Disney arrangement 2012 ) I was 18 when i wrote this score, This also means it is merely Sibelius MIDI since I did not have great software before but the other works in the map are with good software.  For the rest you’ll find an PDF with Major examples of my work including 1 composition for a short commercial ( video ). Lots of different styles.

    My speciality is Arranging,  My ears are quite interesting too since I can notate everything you trow at me. Having Asperger has disadvantages but more benefits for me, Very structured , Having a very specific idea about how I’d like Things to be performed, Perfectionist therefor copyist would be  an perfect job for me.  styles of writing : CLASSICAL , ROMANTIC ,  JAZZ , ANIME , NINTENDO related , 8-BIT , METAL , POP.

    I would in the far future love to work for Nintendo  as an arranger. Thats my dream.

    I’f you’d like to know more or if you need more recent scores, let me know and I’ll send some over.

    Thank you for your time,

    Bryan Segers      

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