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    We are essentially content creators. If we are going to expand the fruits of our imagination beyond our own selves, we have to create content with it and trade the results on the open market. That is the only way to leverage yourself in the world as a creator. You must create. All other things are secondary. Content Creation is the most vital and important aspect of your career as a Composer. Not setting up your computer. Not buying sample libraries. Not looking for work, or enforcing the collection of royalties owed to you around the world. Not even self-promotion and marketing. Nothing leads to valuing you more, than the actual act of creating content. Because the content is what everyone wants, and is willing to trade/pay for.

    When you physically create something that takes up space in this world, you are increasing your footprint. On the map of the landscape of your market, in this case the Film and Music Industry, every piece of content you create becomes a piece of real estate you own the land rights to.

    Content consumption will always be happening, with, or without you. Everyone wants to enjoy the world’s content. Including Filmmakers who wish to hire you to provide for their film, as well as film music fans who wish to be taken to another place with music for a brief period of their day, and all the other ways that your music content can be consumed out there, such as by Library Music companies, and Concerts.

    So it’s important to prioritize your time each day, each year, your whole life, to MAXIMIZE the amount of content you can create. This means it might behoove you to offload/outsource/insource many aspects of your daily grind, so that you can create more in the same amount of time. Scientifically (market science at least), this is going to increase your value more than anything else you will do. There are record labels out there, looking for content. Personally, I get offers from labels almost every month to put out albums of my own content. If you continue to focus on creating more and more, eventually everyone who exploits or needs your content (but does not create your content themselves) will come to you.

    Working to achieve a certain level of quality or standards is not what the people want from you. They expect quality already from everyone. Quality they can get anywhere and everywhere, and goes without saying. It comes with the territory. So, if it isn’t how good your content is, in a Production Quality sense, or a Standards sense, that people hunt you down for, than what is it?

    What the people want:

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    That’s what everyone wants from you. And that’s what they’ll pay the going premium price/rate for.

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