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    Evan Evans
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    I am a classically trained trumpet player. In the end, I had two trumpets, one was one of the finest Stradivarius’ in the world, that now lives with one of the better session players in LA.

    Once I got this particular sample library for brass, I was so blown away, that I actually went and sold my trumpets and retired that hat. It is that good. In fact, I wouldn’t use live players, if I didn’t have to. The control and ability and sound quality, is that perfect.

    Now that said, no library ever is best at everything. And as it turns out, the Trumpets are this library’s best. But also the Trombones are excellent, as are the Tubas. As solo instruments, the French Horns are excellent as well, but you would want to supplement them with a good a6, or more, set of Horns, such as the Epic Horns from VSL. That is because Horns in particular, because they use so much delicate brass, vibrate and ring, whenever nearby sympathetic vibrations are occurring. And as a section, they amplify each other’s overtone series through sympathetic vibration.

    The sample library I use for the most realistic and expressive brass is:
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    I have some money laying around. Maybe I’ll get it… 🙂

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    Evan Evans
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    Just make sure your controller has more than just Pitch Bend and Modulation wheel, because like the Chris Hein libraries, you get full control of the instrument using only one single loaded patch, and all possibilities of the instrument are obtained through MIDI CC data (and on Chris Hein, through keyswitches as well). Be sure to PURGE ALL inside Kontakt, before you save it into your template, so every time you load it, it starts at zero RAM and only loads into memory the notes and articulations you play for whatever current project you have up.

    And as always, I recommend you use (this ProTip Revealed via Full Access Membership only.)

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    Leon Portelance
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    Full Access

    I bought this library years ago on Evan’s advice. I recently upgraded to version 3. A great library!

    Leon Portelance

    The silence between notes creates the music.

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