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    Film Music is not about the music. Creating great music may be a feat which you wish to be appreciated for, but that’s another art, for your fans. When you go see an Opera by Mozart, it’s a work by Mozart. That’s not what Film Scoring is. It’s not your baby, it’s not your work. People aren’t going to a concert of your music. It’s very important to get over this part of your ego because you don’t want to be making decisions about how to make a movie better, that are biased. You need to be selfless, egoless, and unbiased, in order to make objective decisions that are the best for the film.

    Here’s something I have said over the years:

    Film Music is an art form separate from all others … including Music.

    It means that, this craft, this art, is not about the music. If it were than a sound design score would not be viable or revered, yet they are. That’s because Film Scoring done right is all about how effective it was for the film, it’s story telling, and how it united and amplified the audience in the same shared experience.

    So with that in mind, what is more important? What sequencer you use? If you can get your MIDI to sound good? How much RAM you have? What sample library is best? If you can create a cue in MIDI that sounds realistic and simulates other scores from other successful Film Composers?

    Or should you maybe be focusing on your Composing itself? And the choices you are going to make in order to tell each and every moment of a story in a film as best as possible? Get inside the minds of the characters. Impress us with how well you tell us what they are thinking at any moment. And do it in such a way that we don’t even notice the music. Because the Film and Film Composer’s job is one and the same:

    Suspend disbelief.


    If they notice you, or the movie, you’ve failed. A better Film Composer sucks them in. Into the world within the story.

    Once you can do this well, then, and only then, should you move on to making sure your music can also serve double purpose as an Album or Concert Work in the Musical Arts. And really, before that, you should be working on your style, sound, and signatures and how to express yourself uniquely in any dramatic underscoring situation.

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