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Working on a new short film score

Posted on 2016-08-09

Just got a new short film project recently and am working on a sketch of the opening section today. It’s always interesting starting a project – I tend to spot the main areas where the emotional parts of the visuals are – targeting those areas – sort of leading the music into there.

Then, there’s also the themes for places and characters. Sometimes I sketch directly looking at the visuals. Sometimes, I write on my guitar or another instrument and draft melodic ideas on paper before seeing how it fits on the visuals.

How do you work? Do you have a set process to kick-start the writing? Do you draft what themes you need first and then start writing? Do you write a lot of different melodic ideas and then choose? Would love to hear your thoughts. =)

2 thoughts on “Working on a new short film score

  1. Congrats Az! 🎉 I personally advocate coming up with the Themes/Material first, and then using that as the basis of everything you do for the whole score. That is a method that has actually been put together as a course here, in case anyone reading this would like to be directed to it, here’s the link 👍

    1. Thanks Evan! =) I’m planning to take the course very soon – it looks very fascinating! Also, thank you so much for having this community. =)

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