Jake Lefkowitz

My Summer Internship

Posted on 2016-08-15


So this summer I had a three month internship at Hyperbolic Audio, a post production studio in NYC. The studio does mostly voice acting recordings for commercials, radio, and tv but they also do lots of sound design, rerecording sound mixing for film, and ADR.

During my time at the studio, I did a pretty large variety of things. I took inventory on everything in the studio- every cable, microphone, preamp, computer, monitor, patch bay etc…I also recorded tons of voice actor auditions and got experience working with ISDN’s. Lastly, I sound designed three commercial spots and even got to compose my own music to one of them!

My favorite things however were actually orchestrating and putting music behind a few songs that the owners kids sang on. They were only like 10 but they were quite good for 10. And I got a kick out of putting an orchestra behind them!

I just wish I got to meet Hugh Jackman when he was here!!

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