Leon Portelance


Posted on 2016-10-19

Anybody using TouchOSC by Hexler?

2 thoughts on “TouchOSC

  1. I bought it and installed it, but on Sierra it’s created a strange MIDI lag. Once I removed it, my lag was gone. So I need to do some troubleshooting. Same thing with MetaGrid, though to a much smaller extent (maybe 20ms). I have my iPad connected via USB, so I wonder if that’s creating the “overload lag”/delay for some reason. Anyway, priorities are on other things, but I eventually would like to get this solved and start using it.

  2. Hi Leon, I started using touchosc a few months ago to control my orchestral template. I spent a few time to make it work but I think is a great way to have control on both keyswitches and CC.

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