Michael Edward Burke

Scoring for Warm Days on Cold Nights

Posted on 2016-08-26

I’ve been experimenting with some interesting approaches to scoring lately. Composing for night scenes at night. Composing outside scenes, outside. Snow scenes in the cold (crank that AC!). Sad scenes when I’m sad. As well as the opposites (writing for warm days on a cold night, etc.). One learns quickly, that the emotional and physical state of the composer is powerfully linked with the scene to be scored. It helps to be able to put oneself in the appropriate state, while still being productive. Or, perhaps, the mark of a true master, is the ability to transcend one’s surroundings and personal disposition, and just get the job done. I don’t think creating should ever be so heartless. If emotion is not poured into the project, audiences probably won’t get much out. There surely have been exceptions, but acknowledging all internal and external connections to the scene, characters and story should never be ignored.

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