Nathan Carlton

Soundbed Introduction

Posted on 2016-12-28

A music major at Bard College and the Minnesota Arts High School, Nathan Carlton (ASCAP) aka Soundbed, writes music for film and television, specializing in minimal tension and drone cues for drama and horror. As an accomplished deep house producer, DJ and dance music record label owner, Mr. Carlton regularly combines original electronic sounds with organic, acoustic instruments.

His music and sound design has been used in BBC Radio 1 broadcasts, played on European top ten radio and featured in award winning dance and theatrical productions.

Carlton has produced original electronic music since the late 1980’s. His first DAW was Opcode’s Studio Vision Pro and his first studios were stocked with staple instruments like the Korg M1R and Yamaha TX802. He worked for 8 years at what is now called MakeMusic, the company that makes music notation software Finale. Carlton primarily helped test the educational software product SmartMusic in that position.

He also worked 80 hours a week recording and editing voice over content for educational multimedia at Mike Olson’s professional recording studio Intuitive. He has written music for 3 musical theater pieces and participated as a Director in Nautilus Music and Wesley Balk’sĀ Opera/Music Theater Institute. He provided sound design for “The Dying Gaul” as performed by Hidden Theater featuring Brian Baumgartner from “The Office” and experimental dance piece “trickpony” by Sally Rousse and many others from the thriving Minneapolis performing arts scene. He can sing and plays guitar, french horn, and piano.

Aaron Hart and Carlton co-created the digital label MEME (available on Traxsource and 400+ more outlets) and Aaron has gone on to launch vinyl label Minneapolis Exchange. Carlton produced and performed as a DJ five nights a week in the Minneapolis music underground house scene as Spur.


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