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I needed this!

Posted on 2016-08-02

Hello everyone from the Film Scoring Academy! My name is Sean Staples and I figured that on my first blog post here I would try to introduce myself and tell everyone “my story”, where i’ve come from and how I’ve gotten to where I am today in composing.

I (like most of you) have had (and still have), a l0ng journey ahead of me to accomplish the things I want in this business, but part of this journey includes getting to enjoy each part of becoming better and better at something I love and has been a part of me my entire life…and honestly, I hope that never ends.

I began musically when I was about 8 years old. I started out with piano lessons from my mom that ultimately lead to me exploring and beginning to play the violin and getting the opportunity to explore music via The Suzuki Method. I was lucky enough to have had people notice something in me at a young age that lead to the opportunity of studying a few years under the renown Linda Ghidossi-DeLuca (Skywalker Orchestra, The Dixie Chicks, SF Symphony). The culminations of these experiences lead to me playing in orchestra both as a violinist and violist until the guitar and modern music somewhat took over in my early 20’s.

Me at 8 playing the violin at some weird event (you know I dug hi-tops even back then)


After years of playing guitar in bands and always toying around with the drummer’s drums after practice, I knew I had a love for percussion that couldn’t be just left undiscovered, and so I began studying drums…maybe a little too much studying because I ended up founding and starting a worldwide brand of drums in 2005 called Shine Drums. I was fortunate to have had hundreds of amazing artists like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Ludacris, Matchbox 20, Third Eye Blind, The Temptations, Blind Melon, and hundreds of others supporting and playing my drums on stages and stadiums all of the globe. I was lucky enough to get to travel the world and have experiences I could have only dreamed about…but my passion has always been in film and music and right around 2011 I decided it was time to put all my efforts back into the artistic side of my life, and again pursue music again professionally as an artist, and thus film scoring began to take over.

Katy Perry & Shine Drums back in 2007

Katy Perry MTV Unplugged & Shine Drums

I have to say that I have spent the past 5-6 years writing for many opportunities. I feel like writing for Taxi constantly and ongoing for this entire time was one of the best things I ever did for myself as a music writer and composer. I’ve had the opportunity to write for just about everything you could possibly imagine musically all while learning different methods, styles, software and patience. Over the past 3 years I started to hone in on film and writing for visual medium and its pushed me into places creatively that I didn’t know existed. My career is ever evolving. So far this year I’ve scored 2 feature-length Hollywood based films, and have had 2 short films in notable film festivals…and I’m burning for more work. I’ve created 2 new demo reels which I’ll share below of both film and television demo work:

I want to say that I’m excited to have an outlet where I can learn from other composers and also share resources and interact. As we all know, composing can be a lonely endeavor, and just knowing others are out there also pushing the envelope is very reassuring. I look forward to getting to know you all hopefully very soon!

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