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Posted on 2016-08-02


Vernon Nielsen


My name is Vernon Nielsen; I am a musician with 29 years of experience writing my own music and 14 years experience working with Protools, recently a graduate of FullSail University in the Music Production Bachelor of Science degree.

As a professional in this field I look for teamwork and ways to de-stress stressful situations by calmly handling difficult difficulties. I do not condone or participate in activities that mar other people’s character, but rather, I choose to remain passionate about bringing interesting ideas to life by relying on the team around me.

I found in the field of construction and various other leadership positions that the lubricant to a great team is supporting each other’s capacity for even a moment of brilliance and never allowing anyone in my teams to go unnoticed for effort or unrewarded. In my role as team leader in many fields through the years i built a sense of unity and mutual respect. If i had a passion for anything its in getting past inter personal blockers, to the great ideas produced with synergy by genuinely liking people.

In music I have always even in my self-trained years, sought for a good sound a good mix and a selling lyric and melody. The idea of breaking past the limitation of relying on inspiration through my course work at FullSail has long been a dream. I am also passionate about being flexible and learning from mistakes and situations in general; growth and change are very big ticket ideas for me.

I dove into Protools in 2001, after a few years of tape based 4 track recorders, and used that until it became out dated by windows and I jumped into free DAW’s before getting to college classes at FullSail in 2012. I guess you could say if its interesting i like it, i just tend toward guitar based music, and have written in country, bossanova, jazz, swing, rock, metal, grunge, punk, bluegrass, psychedelic, classic rock and arguably RnB.

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