Wesley Devore

Two Months in LA So Far

Posted on 2016-08-23

Greetings fellow composers. Here is a blog post about how my experience has been since moving to LA two months ago from Denver, Colorado.

I moved in with my older brother on July 1st. He is very gracious for letting me keep him company while I set up my business and become a self-sufficient composer, for which I am very grateful.

Being here, I already feel that I have taken many steps forward with my career, steps that were not possible in my former location, Denver, Colorado. I have been able to go to two to three networking events every week, and I am starting to recognize faces, seeing some of the same people each week. It has been really great for networking and starting new relationships.

So far, I have pitched some trailer music to a music director at a big advertising company, have had a few music library directors express interest in representing my music in their catalogue, and I have a few meetings set up with other people who own music libraries.

Last Friday, I went to a great concert in downtown LA, in the urban courtyard right behind the Museum of Contemporary Art. It was called The Women who Score. I went by myself since my social network here is still pretty small, but I ran into several people that I recognized and knew from other conferences and online. I ended up sitting with a bunch of composer from Berklee College of Music and got invited to ASA’s (Academy of Scoring Arts) study group.

Here is a picture from the concert.

Women who Score LA Concert


So that has been my experience so far, meeting people, meeting people and meeting more people. I can’t wait for my network to continue to build as I am introduced to more artists, composers, directors, game developers, etc. I’m also currently looking to assist a more established composer part-time. It’s all very exciting, and I can’t wait to go out and discover more opportunities!


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